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Selfhood is for women who want to go solo, together with others. Women who fare best in environments that give them the freedom to choose their own scene, age and attitude. The style is feminine shapes mixed with a more pragmatic and edgy cut borrowed from the man's world, all in durable quality and design. Selfhood is an expression of simple sophistication with an element of surprising detail. Selfhood is based on intimacy and durability of both design and quality.


Selfhood does things slightly differently. Instead of presenting a complete collection with something from each category, the focus is on just two categories at a time. But, we explore these categories to their limit and are able to present a much wider, more beautiful range that you simply must see, feel and try on. At our January launch, we will be presenting an unrivalled jacket collection with plenty of diversity in the design, and a knitwear collection that complements the jackets perfectly, both in number and design.